1. Bibliographical databases and library catalogues
Search engine for books and journals present at the University of Augsburg; no articles listed; links to the databases and electronic publications available in the university library and partly also online, to various regional internet sites, to the provincial Bavarian 'Gateway Bayern' and to all services of the University of Augsburg Library
Links to the databases and electronic publications available in the university library and partly also online, to various regional internet sites, to the provincial Bavarian 'Gateway Bayern' and to all services of the University of Augsburg Library
Very useful virtual catalogue (no ordering possible) including titles of articles
Using this resource, one can search simultaneously the most important library and union catalogues, as well as book trade lists, for book titles around the world. Articles titles appear only in exceptional cases.
Online catalogue of the most important research institute for German medieval history. Includes book titles, and some article titles. Also includes full-text version of book reviews from the Deutsches Archiv zur Erforschung des Mittelalters.
This catalogue allows one to find book titles in particular, as well as rare books and offprints of of articles. Attention: these can be ordered by interlibrary loan only under the title of the relevant omnibus volume or journal issue.
Online lexicon with biographical notes on ecclesiastical topics in medieval history
A list of primary sources that have been translated into German and other modern languages. Most volumes are in Augsburg (see OPAC of the University Library). See also our link (below) under 'Source Editions' to the "Internet Medieval Sourcebook"
2. List of abbreviations and notations used in the Deutsches Archiv
für Erforschung des Mittelalters
This list is official only for the journal Deutsches Archiv für Erforschung des Mittelalters. However, many of the abbreviations listed here are used in the same way in other publications.
3. Online-Reviews
On the search page, enter the title of the book of which you would like to find reviews. If a reviews has been published in the Deutsches Archiv (DA), the journal of the Monumenta Germaniae Historica, there will be a link to its complete text.
No free access, but can be accessed by registered users of the University of Augbsurg and of most other university libraries.
"History. Sozial- und Kulturgeschichte". Reviews of books ranging over the entire spectrum of the discipline of history.
A journal consisting exclusively of reviews of history books.
CMA - A journal for the history, art and culture of the Middle Ages and early modern period - Online journal with reviews section
Index of online book reviews in scholarly journals (not just for medieval topics)
4. Sources, Online Editions and Translations, Summaries
General History of Medieval Europe
Important texts from all eras, ordered chronologically and by language - esp. important for are the texts under the rubric "latinitas mediaevalis" from the "Bibliotheca Latina"
Massive online publication of medieval source texts in English translation, ordered by topic
Empire and Church
Die Editionen der MGH (außer den Neuerscheinungen der letzen 5 Jahre) digitalisiert. Eine Interimsversion ermöglicht zunächst das Blättern in den Seiten.
All the published volumes to date of the Regesta Imperii can be searched as text for free and as images of the book pages.
The Life of Charlemagne (Lation text)
The history of the Saxons, Latin text based on the MGH edition of 1935
The Concordate of Worms (Latin text, transcription and French and Italian translations)
From Emil Friedberg's 1879 edition.
The decretals of Pope Gregory IX from the Corpus Iuris Canonici, ed. Emil Friedberg, 1881
Digitalized manuscript, richly illustrated
Lorenzo Valla's famous treatise on the 'Donation of Constantine', in Latin and English, as well as the 'original', in Latin and English, of the forged document as reproduced in Gratian's Decretum
Britische Geschichte
Substantial collection of online documents on the history of Great Britain in the Middle Ages, generally in modern English translation, as well as some editions of the Latin of Old English original versions, and some facsimiles of the relevant manuscripts.
The Letter written by Anselm of Canterbury to Pope Urban II. 1098
Digitalized original document, zoomable, with an English translation of the text and other introductory information.
History of Religion and of ecclesiastical orders
Latin text of the full Bible according to the Translatio veteris et novi testamenti (vulgata) by St. Jerome.
A constantly growing selection from the 81 volumes of German translations from the Latin and Greek Church Fathers (University of Fribourg, Department for Patristics and Church History)
As recent research on the history of the church, society and the economy has shown, the medieval legacy of primary sources regarding the city off Hamburg is still relatively rich, despite the great fire of 1842, especially for the later medieval period. The published version of these sources, called the Hamburg Document Book, ends with the year 1350, unfortunately, though some pieces of later sources have also been published.
Text of the monastic Rule in Latin as well as translations into English and other modern languages, with easy search function.
Rule of the Franciscan Order in the version of Hugolino de Segni [later Gregory IX.]
From James Fearns (ed.), Ketzer und Ketzerbekämpfung im Hochmittelalter, 1968
Complete test, Italian with English translation, searchable
5. Digitalized Manuscripts, Documents, Images
Digital edition of this important collection of plates for the study of Latin paleography (available at Augsburg in the Teilbibliothek Geisteswissenschaften, Signatur 50 ND 3300 S817)
With a chronological register
Digitalized original document of Henry V with transcription and French translation
Zoomable, with modern English translation
Voluminous image database of medieval manuscripts, University of California
Complete digitalized collection of manuscripts from the Bodleian Library and numerous Colleges' libraries
Image database of the IMAREAL. Digital image archive.
6. Archives and Manuscript Libraries Archives
7. Free Online Offers for Students
"Ad fontes" is a learning program for archive users and for anyone who wants to work in an archive, and is designed primarily for history students (German).
A course in French. Many facsimiles with transcriptions, French translations and commentary are available here.
Introduction to the study of medieval history (German)
Paleography - Chronology - Heraldry - Numismatics - Genealogy - Diplomatics
8. Events and Exhibitions concerning medieval history
9. Links for the study of the Middle Ages
10. Scholarships, fellowships, internships, jobs, further studies Academic institutions and museums
Institutions and Museums
Online classifieds for scholarships, various positions and internships - the larghest job markey for German historians (other than high-school teaching)
Various possibilities for funding of younger scholars on all disciplines, for example doctoral fellowships and positions in Graduate Research Projects [Graduiertenkollegs], Special Research Area Projects [Sonderforschungsbereiche], and other research projects, etc.
Largest private foundation in Germany funding historical work; also funds doctoral fellowships (direct, individual application).
Professional Archivist (civil service jobs)
Professional Academic Librarian (civil service jobs)
State School Service and Private Schools